Saturday, 9 July 2011

AK47 Summer Offensive [19]

I finished a second Mi4 Hound yesterday and undercoated both with a quick spray of Humbrol Olive Green. I originally wanted to use Grass Green but found that my last can had seized up, so resorted to what I had left on the shelf. I'm not sure what the final camouflage scheme will be anyway, so it doesn't really matter about the exact shade of basecoat I've used.

I now have one more Mi4 to construct having deciced to keep my helicopter transport unit to a sensible minimum. I'm going to try to add some weapons pylons and a door gunner to the last one so that it can double up as a ground attack chopper but I've got a feeling that this might be  too tricky, so it'll end up as another transport, with just the door gunner for good measure.

I have, however, located my Nubee Mil Mi1 Hare kit in the loft. I got this at an airshow for a couple of quid and stashed it away for a rainy day. I'd like to use it as my commander's battlefield taxi, although how that would work in the rules I don't know. I think it's a cool little kit and should look the business once I've stuck all the fiddly bits together.


  1. Good day! I would like to know whose it is a model helicopter which company? I know the three companies that make the Mi-1 is Amodel, Face and Unda. But on the box cannot find out who this is?.

  2. It's a Nubee kit. It was an East German company back in the 1970's.

    Try ebay and you'll find some :O)