Sunday, 10 July 2011

Submarine Safari Sea Monsters [3]

I've added a trio of new sea monsters to the collection, all from the CollectA range of plastic toys. They're smaller and a bit more rubbery than the Safari ones but they're also cheaper, averaging out at about four quid each. The first is another Tylosaurus but, as it's a tiddler compared to the Safari one, I'll probably use it as a generic small Mosasaur. It's my least favourite of the bunch.

The second model is a Liopleuradon. It's on the small side for 28mm but will do as either as a juvenile or as another similar reptile like Macroplata. I'll need to get a much larger Liopleurodon from somewhere as it's supposed to be the biggest thing afloat, scaring off everything else on the seabed when it arrives on table. In the meantime, here are the stats for Macroplata:

Move 6'' / Agility: 3 / Toughness: 8 / Damage: 40 (normal critical hits)

Finally we have a Hydrotherasaurus, which I'll use as a small plesiosaur using the stats in the rules. These swim about in gangs of 1D6, so I'll get a couple more to fill out the ranks. It's a fairly harmless fish eating creature and so will be a nice target for the divers before they get eaten by the bigger nasty things.

Move: 8'' / Agility: 1 / Toughness: 6 / Damage: 10 (normal critical hits)

That's it for the moment but I'm hoping to get some more things from the deep in France when I go on holiday in a couple of weeks time.

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