Sunday, 20 September 2015

A Fistful of Lead [11]


I didn't post anything yesterday as my internet connection went up the spout, so I'm making up for it today with an update on the old west mdf construction project, which has made some half dedent progress over the last couple of days. I've completed the Products for Wargamers two storey hotel including an internal floor for figures to shoot out of the upper windows, although I installed this a little too high despite careful measurement. It doesn't matter, as the figures aren't going to bang their heads on the ceiling and still look fine from the outside through the windows.

I've also glued together a couple of packs of Sarissa Precision fencing for use when a corral is needed in the scenario. This was a bit fiddly and I should have spray painted the fences before I glued them to the bases, which I had already textured and painted, but I had intended just to keep them in their natural mdf finish. In the end, this didn't look good, so I inverted them and sprayed them camouflage brown, then drybrushed them a bit to tone them down. I also used some self-adhesive glitter letters from Poundland to mask off the corral sign, them peeled them off and weathered it up.
Finally, I constructed a couple of Warbases privies to use as scenic clutter, complete with smaller circular bases than the ones supplied and card roofing in place of the overscale mdf panels provide in the kit. At only two quid each plus postage, these are super little kits and very easy to assemble. I may well get a couple more, as they really look the part and will be great as cover when the shooting kicks off downtown. A gallows from Sarissa Precision was quickly assembled to finish off the last of the knick knacks before I move onto more buildings. 
 I'm now about to start on the Warbases barn, which will require quite a bit of extra fiddling to turn it into a livery stables. This kit has no scribing or laser etched planking so will need some added on the external walls, the internal hay barn floor and on the roof. I pinched a load of very thin coffee stirrers from the rugby club bar this morning to plank the walls with and have some brown card strips from Poundland with which to clad the roof, so I'll be up to my neck in glue and fiddly bits for the rest of the afternoon!

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  1. Looking good! That MDF stuff really comes into it's own for Wild West stuff.