Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Table Air Combat

I spotted an item about this simple print and play WW2 air warfare game on TMP yesterday and thought I'd take a closer look. The game comes as a series of downloadable templates and counters, each set covering a particular type of fighter or bomber aircraft. These include the usual RAF and Luftwaffe types for the Battle of Britain, the principal USAAF and Luftwaffe aircraft for the late war daylight bombing campaign and a couple of Japanese and USN fighters for the Early Pacific theatre.

The aircraft operate in pairs, which I really like, with the counters moved using the templates provided. It looks like firing and damage are handled using a D6 roll, although I've yet to download a set of the rules to check the actual mechanisms. This looks like a really interesting concept and, at $1.99 per aircraft set, a very affordable beer and pretzels alternative to more complicated rules systems. I think I'll download a Zero and Wildcat set and take them up for a spin.


  1. I assume that the rules are self contained in each aircraft?

  2. Yes they are. You can access a preview on the Wargames Vault site. They look very simple but with enough detail to be realistic.