Wednesday, 16 September 2015

A Fistful of Lead [9]

I got soaked on the way back from work tonight but, when I got in I managed to get the next mdf building spray undercoated, ready to be assembled later tis evening. I've now finished gluing it together and weathering it, so have a second smaller saloon in which my outlaws can start a good old fashioned punch up.
This one is a Battle Flag kit which comes ready built but flat packed, with all the window frames, doors and other features pre-assembled, so that you only have to glue the four walls to the base and slot in the roof panel. Very quick but not so great if you want to paint the architecture in different shades or colours.
They're lovely models though and I particularly like the bank, which has a very impressive frontage. However, the next building to be assembled will be a two storey Products for Wargamers hotel, as the town is looking a little vertically challenged at the moment and needs some thing for the outlaws to be shot off in true B movie style.

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