Tuesday, 22 September 2015

AK47 Close Run Thing Game

I set up a quick introductory game of AK47 at the club tonight for a new player. Although he's been a club member for ages he hadn't had a game of AK47 before, so I gave him the Superpower Backed ZAP army of Zubuto, while I commanded the MDF army of the Mbote dictatorship. Anyway, we had a really good game, even though we had to impose a cut off of twenty steps on the countdown track as we needed to finish by 10pm.
In the end, the game was a draw, thanks to a lucky last turn airstrike by the MDF which wiped out a ZAP unit sitting on one of the objectives. This made up for the destruction inflicted by a 'death from above' ZAP helicopter gunship, which sat in the middle of the table and toasted my second hand T34/85 tanks, pinned my MDF regular infantry and refused to bugger off despite numerous D6 fly away rolls over several turns.
As always, this was a lot of fun but I do need to scratch build some more terrain and get my third army up and running, in order to ring the changes a bit. The game itself was an indecisive draw, with Mbote occupying one twenty point objective and Zubuto the other two, although we both lost a unit in the process and suffered some pretty horrendous casualties. The final score was 57/54, with Mbote just squeezing in ahead of the opposition, this time at least.


  1. What a great looking fight, once again, Jim. I was pondering what pieces of my body would I be willing to part with just to play with, much less own, a table and minis like that. And this reminds me that I still need to pick up a copy of AK-47 now that they have PDFs out.

    Thanks for posting man, I always enjoy taking a gander at your 15mm Modern African stuff.


  2. Sounds like a very good introduction game!