Sunday, 27 September 2015

A Fistful of Lead [16]

I didn't quite finish the livery stables today, although the planning and base texturing is now complete, but I did assemble and paint the last of the Battle Flag buildings ready for the game on Tuesday. This is sold as a bank but is going to be the office of the local newspaper, the Daily Herald, in my town, as I had a laser cut mdf sign that was a perfect fit for the fascia. I've also added glazing to all of the buildings with large windows but only for the street frontage to keep things simple.
This means that I now need a bank and I have my eye on the Sarrissa Precision brick built model which comes complete with an interior, albeit for a hefty price tag. In the meantime, the town marshall is in need of an office and jail, so I'm now going to start on the Products for Wargamers sheriff's office, which will need some careful assembly and preparation over the next few days.