Friday, 4 September 2015

Fistful of Lead Reloaded Report {Part 2}

Turn 4

The outlaw gunslinger moved first on Turn 4, using an Ace of Spades to seize the initiative, blasting the wounded deputy with two pistol shots which resulted in one hit and one miss. The hit caused another wound and forced the lawman to go prone, crawling in the direction of the nearest cover and failing an attempt to unpin despite having a Cool Head trait as he rolled an automatic fail of 1 on the D10. This was followed up with a successful unpin for the outlaw with the rifle, allowing him to shoot and pin down a second lawman on his side of the street.

Things were looking up for the bad guys, especially as yet another un-pinning attempt by the lawmen with the rifle also failed, as he only managed to roll a 5. It wasn't over yet, though, as the law played a Six of Hearts to reload the figure that had run out of ammo and take a couple of shots at the nearest outlaw, one of which resulted in a pin down and the other yet another gun malfunction.

Luckily, the pinned down outlaw succeeded in getting back on his feet then scrambled into cover away from the danger. The final attempt to unpin the wounded lawmen was a success. He played a 'deuce' allowing him to follow up with a double pistol shot on one of the outlaws but it ended in a dismal failure, as his two wounds and the range made it a very tricky shot (he needed a 10!).

The Turn ended with both gangs in a bit of a mess. The lawmen had been badly hit, with one deputy seriously wounded, one out of ammo for his six shooter and the other two pinned down by rifle fire. The outlaws were in a better position, having one man down but the three remaining men unharmed, although one was also out of bullets. We'd also started to get into the rules mechanisms and a couple of things had been noticed.

There was no penalty for moving and shooting, which seemed a bit odd. There was also a ban on figures going prone voluntarily, which seemed a little unrealistic, and there was no 'break point' as in some other gunfight rules, when a gang is forced to run for the hills when their morale crumbles. However, given the style and focus of the rules, these all seemed to be minor omissions which could be ignored or amended with a few simple 'house rules'.

Next up....Turn 5, 6 and 7!


  1. If you rolled a naaural "1'" on your unpin roll, the model should have "got the heck outta Dodge". In other words, run away.
    There is no penalty for shooting and moving because it is assumed the a regular move is a methodical approach. That's why if you use both actions to move, you are essentially running and no shooting.
    The original version of the rules had a simple morale system. We never used them because they made for really short games. In a campaign, the player himself will be voluntarilly heading for hills when he starts taken casualties. We found conserving your strength for later becomes it's own morale system.

  2. Thanks Jaye,

    We missed a few things like that...but picked up most things along the way.

    The morale rules make perfect sense.

    Part 3 to follow.