Friday, 25 September 2015

Galleys and Galleons Cards

Nic Wright, the author of Galleys and Galleons, has very kindly sent me a pack of character cards for the game, complete with a couple of very useful wind gauges. The cards are really well illustrated with the archetypes from the rule book including such colourful characters as the Bored Aristocrat, the Virago and the King's Man. I think the Creatures of the Deep one is my favourite. Anyway, I'll have to try them out in my next game of Galleys and Galleons, which I'm thinking of trying in 1/2400th scale using the Tumbling Dice range of Armada-era galleons or in 1/600th scale with my lead pile of Xyston ancient galleys, as a change from the usual pirates and buccaneers. Thanks Nic!

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