Wednesday, 23 September 2015

A Fistful of Lead [13]

A brief hiatus in mdf barn construction this evening, as I only got in about half an hour ago from work and haven't had tea yet. Nonetheless, it's good news on the furniture front as I have taken delivery of a really neat set of tables, chairs, bar and piano to deck out my saloon(s), from a company called Blotz, which I'd never heard of before but which has some really nice laser cut stuff:
This is a really inexpensive and very effective set and I have enough tables to fill both of my saloons, although another bar would be handy. I've glued together the bar, a chair and a table to see what they look like and I am pretty pleased with the result. If only they did some other shop furniture like counters, cupboards and shelves, or some things for a sheriffs office and jail. I'll have to send them an email with a shopping list!
I have also added the signs to the buildings that I have already constructed, using a combination of the ones included in the existing building kits and some extra ones that I found on eBay. To supplement these I have commissioned a range of laser cut signs from Jim Moore at Products for Wargamers including a bank, livery stables, Wells Fargo office and laundry, along with some generic signs for goods and services. I'm hoping these will arrive soon. 


  1. I need to have a closer look at Blotz, completely missed them.

  2. Yes indeed, they have some very nice stuff.