Thursday, 12 November 2015

A Fistful of Lead [42]


This was glued together yesterday then quickly painted up this evening, ready for the Warfare game on Saturday. It's a Warbases kit and very nice too, taking no time at all to undercoat, assemble and spray paint in bog standard grey primer, with a light dry brush over the top to pick out the detail. The dollar signs are a bit of a clue about the scenario but you'll have to wait and see what that's about until the show. I still have to paint Dobbin, which is another Warbases model, but he can be done tomorrow after work when I have a couple of hours to wrap things up.


  1. Curse those miners and coppers! They stole my money!! At least the mexicans didn't get it either...

    Thanks for putting on a fantastic demo game for us this morning. We are all sold on the game

  2. Awesome! I expect a full report!