Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Bolt Action US Extras

G.I.'s scan the battlefield for that missing camouflaged Sherman *
I really enjoyed dusting off the late war US infantry for the Bolt Action game so have decided to finish off a handful of figures that I prepared earlier in the year, which will give me a few more options for the next game. These were originally intended as reinforcements to bring the platoon up to Chain of Command strength but I think I'll be sticking with Bolt Action for the moment, at least for this particular project.
These include a Forward Observer team, a 57mm anti-tank gun and three crew, a platoon commander and a couple of extra riflemen to swap into the existing squads in place of a second BAR gunner, which will make them up to the full twelve figures. The extra BAR gunner is available in the 1945 lists and as a reinforcement option for Veteran US infantry squads but otherwise you can only have the one.
I'd really like to paint up a third squad as well but I'm very short of painting time in the run up to Xmas, so these will do for the moment. I am going to dig out the last of the Corgi diecast 1/50 scale Sherman M4A3's though, as I'm going to try a winter camouflage scheme, complete with whitewash camouflage stripes and some suitable weathering, stowage and decals. The model is a little worse for wear, so a coat of paint and some stowage should hide the dodgy bits. Roll on the weekend!
*Thanks to Mike for the photo (his phone is better than my camera!)


  1. Yikes... that's potentially some serious gearing up :)

  2. Don't panic...the Sherman has been postponed until I can get some sandbags to cover the front of it with.