Sunday, 15 November 2015

Ronin [8]

I didn't have much time for shopping at Warfare yesterday but I did get a few more extras for the Ronin project. The main purchase was of four packs of Perry Miniatures figures including a couple of Ikko Ikki packs, a set of armed peasants and some townsfolk. The first three packs will be split up to form the nucleus of a bandit gang, adding to the figures that I already have that are suitable for this, while the townsfolk will mostly be used as civilians with one or two perhaps 'disguised' ninja.
I also splashed out on my most expensive mdf building kit to date, in the form of a Samurai tea house from Sarissa Precision which I had my eye on for ages but couldn't pluck up the courage to order on line. It's a really impressive kit just in terms of weight and the number of sheets included in the pack, so it should look pretty amazing when (?) I get it glued together. I just hope it's worth the outlay, as it meant that I had to forget any other spending plans for the day, including some longhorn cattle for the cowboys to rustle and some terrain stuff for the Black Ops project.

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  1. Hi! I'm steadily building my Ronin collection. Mostly I have 4ground buildings. I am also using Dixon miniatures for my Ronin.These are 4 buntai of ronin, robbing and working their way through the world. I have some Perry Japanese peasants for villagers along with some I don't know as I bought them off eBay. I'll look forward to following your expoits.