Sunday, 1 November 2015

A Fistful of Lead [38]


I haven't achieved a lot today as it's been a typical busy end to the weekend but I have completed a section of railway track to see if it looks good enough for the Warfare game. This was cut down from a length of interlocking plastic toy track then glued down to a pre-textured and painted mdf base. I was planning to add some ballast but time is short so I'll just go with some basic weathering and an occasional sprig of grass tuft. They can be used for the Back of Beyond as well as the Old West, so a really useful addition to the terrain collection.
I have seven more of these track sections to do and a set of buffers, so they need to be completed as quickly as possible, hence the no mucking about approach. I've also added some texturing and rocks to the base of the gold mine head frame but this needs to dry out before I can start on the painting. If I can wrap up the whole project by this time next week I'll be ready for the play testing next Tuesday....if not, it might all be a bit last minute? 

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