Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Black Ops Car Chase

We were on the way back to the ferry yesterday so stopped off at a supermarket in St Malo for some last minute essentials. Taking a quick look at the toy section, I spotted a display of 1/43rd scale diecast toy cars for only 2.95 euros each. I had a quick rummage and found a Mercedes saloon that is perfect for my Besson - Bond - Bourne inspired Black Ops project, even though 1/43rd is supposedly way too big next to 28mm figures.

The range is by a firm called Mondo Motors and also includes a selection of security and police vehicles in various national markings, so next time I'm in France I'll see if I can pick up something for the Gendarmie or Police Nationale. I've matched up the car model with some Copplestone Future Wars figures and it is spot on, even without any bases on the figures, so this looks like a good way to go. 


  1. Cars and trucks are only roughly 1/43rd scale. Essentially they are sized to fit into the box. If that happens to be 1/43rd scale then great! If not well close enough, no one will know.

  2. Good point about the boxes..I hand't thought of that.