Saturday, 5 December 2015

X Wing: The Force Awakens

We were off Xmas shopping this afternoon, now that our Finnish exchange student has gone home (at 5am!!!) and things are returning to normal. I was supposed to be getting a new pair of school shoes for the middle one and a few presents for the other two, but ended up with a nice new box set of the latest version of X Wing instead (not sure how that happened?). Anyway, the urchin is now barefoot and I have some shiny new Tie Fighters and a T70 X-Wing to play with, so mission is accomplished.
I spotted the new game in WH Smiths of all places and was surprised to find that it was cheaper than the old version at only twenty two quid, which seems very reasonable for a full-on game. I really should play more X Wing but it usually only gets un-boxed in the holidays, when I have the time and energy to sit down with the kids for an afternoon of gaming. This holiday, I'm hoping to do just that, especially as the film will be out by then and the sprogs will be suitably enthused!


  1. It's interesting how shoes, pants, socks and shirts are all so expensive... but a shiny new game? Bargain!

  2. Oh that's just priceless! I shall be on the look out for the same box when led off Christmas shopping next week!


  3. Played it for the first time last Saturday and have now got the original for my eldest for Christmas. Youngest will get TIE Advanced for hid birthday in February.