Thursday, 31 December 2015

Dragon Rampant Ice Elves [1]

I dug the Mantic elves out of the loft yesterday and started to work out how I could turn them into an army for Dragon Rampant. This theoretical exercise then ended up actually being put into action, as I fiddled around with the various plastic bits and started to glue them together to see how they would look. This is the end result of an evening spent with plastic glue and a craft knife, although I now remember why I hate assembling plastic figures. I've tried to just use what's in the box and still have some leftovers that I can fiddle around with to make into something useful.

I'll finish this lot off today, to give me a unit of offensive heavy foot (6 points), a unit of heavy foot (4 points) and a unit of scouts (2 points) minus any extra tweaks. I also have a couple of champions or leaders that I haven't worked out what to do with yet and a reduced unit of four heavy or elite riders, which are on horses but may well end up riding something with more teeth. I'm also going to try to find a magic user from the lead pile and a big nasty plastic dragon from the kids toy box, if I can remember where I put it.

I've also had a play around with Humbrol aluminium spray paint and Army Painter strong tone dip, followed by a wet brush in Foundry Spearpoint, to see how easy it will be to paint the army up in one quick blast. The test figure is looking OK so far and I have a plan for the next two or three stage of painting to keep things simple. This will be a no frills painting job, although I hope to add a little bit of detail here and there and do some nice snow and ice basing. There are some fantastic shield decals available for these figure from the Mantic web shop thingy too which are very tempting!

Good fun!


  1. Looks good Jim :)
    Been a bit hesitant about the Mantic range... but those elves do look rather nice.

    1. Mantic's Elves look suitably frail and just that bit alien... Most people don't like them but I blame GW's Empire soldiers in drag for that :-)

  2. I know what you mean about the Mantic range...all a bit too cartoony. The elves and undead aren't bad though. I think the elves make pretty Elric style high fantasy humans.