Friday, 25 December 2015

Christmas Presents

I don't usually get much for Christmas as I have a birthday in January but I do get two Christmas present openings, one in France and the other one when we get back home, to save carting all the kids gifts to and from Brittany. This is great for the sprogs, although the simultaneous existence of Father Christmas and Pere Noel took some explaining when they were little!

Anyway, aside from the usual eight course Christmas lunch which I barely survived, there have been a couple of really good presents under the French Christmas tree this year. The first is the Millennium Falcon for X Wing which is an excellent addition to the collection, especially as I've just seen The Force Awakens (in French). I also got an illustrated hardback book on the French Indochina War which I haven't got, so another great present.

We're now watching all of the Star Wars films back to back on TF1, so a good day all round, although I still haven't recovered from the lunch.They're not quite the same in the dubbed version, especially as Darth Vador has a high pitched voice, as though he's rattling round inside his helmet. They can't pronounce Darth either so he's called Dark Vador instead.

I hope you had a great Christmas Day too.

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