Monday, 18 April 2016

Back of Beyond Terrain Bits [1]

I banged together a couple of bits of terrain for the Back of Beyond over the weekend, including this well head derrick for my oil prospectors, using a Sarissa Precision water pump left over from my Old West project last year. There were some attempts to prospect for oil in Sinkiang Province and Turkestan during the 1930's, so it seemed like a valid bit of scenery to add to my multi-purpose desert terrain set up (it will also do for prohibition era gangster games).

I tried to make use of as much of the kit as I could, with only the weather vane from the top and the overscale ladder being sent to the spare bits box. I need to add some more details and clutter before I texture the base and paint it up. I'm also going to make a camp for the expedition using the Perry Miniatures tent set together with some oil barrel stacks to use as cover and to block lines of sight. I also have a second AC Mack tanker to re-wheel and weather as my baggage element. Nice.