Saturday, 30 April 2016

Bayonets to Lhasa

I've spent most of the day running the kids about, doing DIY and shopping, so I'm hoping to get back to the workbench this evening. I have been to the local Oxfam bookshop, however, so was able to get hold of a paperback copy of Bayonets to Lhasa which is all about the 1904 British invasion of Tibet. My great grandfather took part in this as a gunner in the Royal Garrison Artillery, so it's going to be a relevant read in more than the usual sense.


  1. Never heard of this book from Peter Fleming! Must have a look at the library!


  2. Sounds like a fascinating read. Every since reading Seven Years in Tibet I've been intrigued by the historical events in & around Tibet in the early 20th Century.

  3. It does sound interesting. Another title to add to my Must Read One Day list.