Sunday, 10 April 2016

Back of Beyond Turkish Army [5]

We arrived back home late yesterday, so I've been unpacking and sorting things out all day including the army that I began to base up over the holidays. I also did a bit of conversion work on a couple of figures, one a Scarab Miniatures French machine gunner and the other a Copplestone Darkest Africa German colonial officer. This was a simple job but as always took longer than I expected.

The machine gunner was turned into a AA gunner by gluing and pinning the torso and legs at an angle, then filling in the gap with green stuff, before adding a head swap from an spare infantryman. The officer was turned into an NCO by a simple head swap, so that I can now deploy four ten man units of infantry, alongside two eight man units of Circassian cavalry which I have located in the lead pile.

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