Monday, 4 April 2016

Back of Beyond Turkish Army [4]

I'm having a bit of a re-think about using my old 1/48th scale Aurora Albatros CIII kit as the aircraft element of my Turkish army, after a tip off from a fellow gamer about its value as an unmade kit. The numbers made my eyes water, especially as I paid a fraction of the price ticket on eBay a few years ago. I may well still bite the bullet and glue it together but, just in case, I've been working on a possible Plan B.
Anyway, the alternatives are to use a 1/48th scale Smer kit of an Albatros DIII, which I have in the 'it might be useful one day' model kit collection, or something more unusual. I haven't decided yet but I have splashed out on a second hand unmade 1/48th scale Eduard kit of a Roland CII, which ticks the 'unusual' box and wasn't very expensive. I made one of the Airfix Rolands in 1/72nd scale a few years ago and it's a sturdy two seater with no fiddly struts or snappy bits, so ideal for gaming even if the Turkish Air Service never actually flew them.

I've also ordered another pack of ten Copplestone Turkish infantry so that I can create three larger units of fourteen figures each or four units of ten figures each. To do the former, I'll need an extra officer figure which I will have to convert from a Copplestone German colonial officer in the Darkest Africa range, once again to be found in the leadpile. I'm also thinking of ordering out a Forgotten Front 28mm figure as an alternative, assuming it will match with the Copplestone range?


  1. Looks like the inter-war period is getting a reboot at club. Have to seen those Osprey rules for the period...? A World Aflame...? Might be worth a look :)

  2. They're a bit old school. I thought of using them myself but they seem a bit clunky. There's a set based on CLA called Setting the East Ablaze that I'd like to try, if I can find a 'willing' victim. ;o)