Friday, 8 April 2016

The Chicago Way

I had an email about these new Prohibition era gangster rules a couple of days ago and thought they looked really good. I have bought a number of new rules over the last few months, most of which are now gathering dust or waiting for a rainy day, but these may be the exception as they don't require a massive outlay or hordes of painted figures (although that's what I said about most of the other rules too).

I already have some Copplestone gangsters and police so no new figures are needed, assuming what I've got fits the bill. I also have plenty of diecast cars, vans and trucks to use, with only a little bit of weathering to make them ready. The only thing I'd need to sort out would be some terrain but I could always start off by using some of my old west buildings, depending on the scenarios involved. 

I'll probably go ahead and get the rules as a pre-order as they come with the card set and a free photographer figure. On the other hand, I'm quite tempted by the two player starter offer on the Great Escape Games website, which gives you two gangs, the rules and the cards for £60. There are a couple of multiplayer deals too, so if some of the other club players fancy doing a split it might work out cheaper.


  1. I've wanted to do some games in this era forever, using Chain Reaction or some such, but I think I need to give up on my idea of doing it in 15mm.

    1. 15mm would be ideal for gangster games...great idea. The Blue Moon gangster range is really nice too.

    2. I'll have to look for those.

      My concern has been trying to find suitable figures.

  2. Rebel miniatures have a few bits too. I don't know how well they scale against each other though.

  3. Old Glory sell the Blue Moon range. They're large 15mm so would probably scale quite well with 1/64 scale toy cars and HO scale 1/87 model railway stuff.