Thursday, 7 April 2016

Went the Day Well?

After reading and watching some reviews of these VBCW platoon level skirmish rules, which have been out for a few years now, I thought they looked just what I needed to re-boot my VBCW project. I have what I think is an ideal force for this already, although one half of it still needs to be completed, judging from the information that I've uncovered about platoon strength and composition, so I'm almost ready to give the rules a spin when they arrive in the post. If they play well and work out to be good fun, I may also see if they could be used for more historical skirmish level things. If not, I'll just revert to Plan A and use Bolt Action instead. It's  not like I have too many rules already?


  1. They're a good set. PK of the VBCW forum made a set of random event cards that give a wonderful 'Dad's Army' feel to play.

  2. Biased view as I helped develop these but there pretty good rules and the way they work is honestly so generic there just good as skirmish rules for a lot of periods.