Sunday, 24 April 2016

Went the Day Well BUF Platoon

My copy of Went the Day Well arrived in the post yesterday, so I've spent a happy half an hour or so flicking through the rules and trying to work out how my existing forces will fit with the Force Composition guidelines on p21-24. I have a BUF platoon of an HQ and two ten man sections, one with a Lewis gun, plus a Vickers heavy machine gun team. I also have three trucks, a van for the HQ and a Lancia armoured car, so a fairly well equipped platoon to start with. I really need a couple more rifle armed figures to accompany my HQ but, otherwise, I think I'm good to go. I'll have to see what I've got in the spares box, if I can find it, as a sniper and a specialist or two wouldn't go amiss. The only thing that isn't covered in the rules is my CV33 tankette flamethrower but that's probably not cricket, so I'll just have to leave it out!


  1. I like WTDW rules, and yes, flamethrowers aren't cricket, old chap.

  2. They are looking good Jim and should be a fun rule set.

  3. Just found an "Alternative or Revised Initiative and Game Turn for Went the Day Well?" on this page:

    Looks very interesting to me and I'd certainly like to try it!

    In that vein, I have about 25 (or so) miners, some firemen and coppers to form a People's Assault Column that'll show your fascists the error of their ways! ... err, well, when they have some paint they might!

  4. Thanks for the link Colin.

    Definitely up for a game when your miners are ready. I need to finish my red militia too so, of I do, we could use them as well.

    I have an idea for a scenario in a quarry - The Quarrymen - which I'm thinking of turning into a game.