Wednesday, 27 April 2016

HLBS Pierce Arrow Armoured Car

I have been adding yet more stuff to my Back of Beyond armoured support smorgasbord, as I have developed a strange attraction to early wheeled AFV's,  which to my eye just look really cool. The latest superfluous bit of kit is a 4 pdr equipped Pierce Arrow armoured car by the Honourable Lead Boiler Suit Company. This was tucked away in their nautical section where you'd least expect to find it, along with a splendid RNAS Seabrook armoured gun carrier. The Pierce Arrow was especially designed for use in Russia in WW1 as described in The Czars British Squadron, which is a brilliant book if you can find a copy. I am now seriously re-thinking my next Back of Beyond army so that I can use some of the armoured vehicles that I've acquired and so that I can have another go at scratch building an armoured train, which I'm itching to try out using Lego to speed things up.


  1. Rather smart! It has that wonderfully clunky 20's look.

  2. Have you checked out Ironclad Mini's wheeled steam tanks? they have a few in their range; just trying to help you cope with your addiction!

    Thought you might be interested to know that while at Salute this year, I spoke to Nick Eyre to find out why Coppletsone's vehicles aren't on their new website. Apparently although Copplestone sold them, they were actually owned by HLBSC & were therefore not included in the deal between North Star & Copplestone. Nick said that he hoped to get the vehicles as well at some point this year

  3. Always loved this armoured cars! Looks great!


  4. I wondered what had become of those...I hope they reappear.