Thursday, 18 May 2017

An Inflexible Link

I was browsing through the Kindle Bookstore yesterday, when I came across this autobiographical account of the naval career of Lt Cdr J.A.Brander, who I had never heard of before.

There are a number of reasons why this attracted my interest, not least of which is the parallel life and times of my maternal grandfather, who also served during the Boxer Rebellion on the China Station as a Royal Naval engineer artificer.

Not only that, he later became the engineer in charge of the naval yard in Falmouth after the First World War, so there's a Cornish connection too. I also have an old photo of him in his full dress uniform which is almost identical to the one on the front cover.

This interesting little book was only a couple of quid and obviously relevant for my 1/2400th scale Pre-Dreadnought China Seas project, so a good find all round.

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  1. A nice find. From the dates on the cover his career certainly covered some interesting times.