Sunday, 7 May 2017

Old West Cactus Scatter Terrain Finished

I blitzed the last couple of stages on the cactus scatter terrain this evening, adding a mixture of Gamers Grass Dry Green and  Light Green tufts, together with a few sprigs of Army Painter Meadow Flowers, to add a bit of colour. I left these to dry while I painted the abandoned wagon wheel in various dusty shades, then over brushed the tufts in Foundry Boneyard to tone them down a bit. I'd like to add some more but I think that's it. I'm quite pleased with the overall effect and can't praise the plastic resin cactus more than enough, as they are easy to work with, perfect for 28mm and very good value for money at only £9 for twelve bases worth. Fill 'yer boots! main_page=product_info&cPath=254_262&products_id=2060


  1. I have absolutely no need for these, but now I have an odd desire to get some!

  2. They look brilliant - the grass tufts & wagon wheel really bring this scenery to life, & your painting of the cacti themselves is excellent.