Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Pre-Dreadnought China Station Royal Navy Fleet

HMS King Alfred

I've spent some time over the weekend working out the various potential permutations for a Royal Navy China Station pre-dreadnought fleet. This is based on various online sources and the relevant titles that I have on the bookshelves, so isn't just plucked out of thin air and should bear some relationship to the actual deployment of warships on the China Station c1900-1905, the time bracket for my proposed solo mini-campaign. I've also worked out the various codes from the Tumbling Dice 1/2400th scale range, so that I can order a few battleships, cruisers and torpedo boat destroyers as a starting point. I think that 1903-04 offers the most scope for an interesting mix of warships, with potential for a naval clash against my Imperial Japanese.
HMS Centurion

Royal Navy China Station Fleet c1900-1905
Pre-Dreadnought Battleships                                                                         
HMS Centurion (Centurion Class) 1894-1901 / 1903 – 1905                            

HMS Barfleur (Centurion Class) 1898-1901                                                                    

HMS Goliath (Canopus Class) 1900-1903 / 1905 (recalled)

HMS Albion (Canopus Class) 1901-1905 (relieved HMS Barfleur)

HMS Ocean (Canopus Class) 1901-1905

HMS Glory (Canopus Class) 1900-1905 (refitting 1901-02)

HMS Vengeance (Canopus Class) 1903-1905 (relieved HMS Goliath)            

Armoured Cruisers

HMS Cressy (Cressy Class) 1901 -

HMS Hogue (Cressy Class) 1904 -

HMS King Alfred (Drake Class) 1903 -

HMS Leviathan (Drake Class) 1903-1904                                                                   

Protected Cruisers

HMS Iphigenia (Apollo Class) 1900 / 1903 -                                                         

HMS Thetis (Apollo Class) 1902 –                                                                              

HMS Sirius (Apollo Class) 1903 -                                                                             

HMS Dido (Eclipse Class) 1900 – 1901                                                                   

HMS Talbot (Eclipse Class) 1902-                                                                                              

HMS Eclipse (Eclipse Class) 1903                                                                             

HMS Bonaventure (Astrea Class) 1901 – / 1904

HMS Astrea (Astrea Class) 1900 - 1901                                                              

Torpedo Boat Destroyers
HMS Arun / HMS Dee / HMS Itchen (River Class) 1904                               
HMS Erne / HMS Errick / HMS Exe (River Class) 1905                                         


  1. Excellent stuff Jim. What were your sources?. Any chance you hit upon similar lists for earlier periods say 1892-4? Any sources for other nations?

  2. Here are a couple of the web based resources I've used:

    ..both really useful.

    This site has some lovely pre-dread artwork too: