Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Deepcut Studios 'Waterworld' Sea Cloth?

I've been hunting around for an affordable sea terrain cloth for use with naval games for ages but, thus far, have found them to be far too expensive or only available from the USA, with all the import duty extra cost that that entails. I've been stung by HM Customs and Excise too many times before, so don't buy stuff from across the pond if I can possibly avoid it, unless it's of minimal value.

One option I have considered is the Deep Cut Studio range of cloth terrain mats, which now includes a very nice 'Waterworld' themed sea cloth in both 4' x 6' and 4' x 4'. I have one of their 'Red Planet' cloths which I won in an eBay auction and it is a very good product, being foldable for storage and iron-proof so that any creases can be smoothed out.

I've used it for X-Wing and it is probably the best terrain cloth that I own, better in my opinion than the Cigar Box Battle tundra cloth that I've also used for X-Wing and Bolt Action. The only down side is that it's not cheap, with the 6' x 4' cloth working out at around sixty quid and the 4' x 4' one only a tenner less, including postage and packing from Lithuania.

I can't afford this at the moment but I am thinking about saving up over the next couple of months in order to splash out for a 6' x 4' cloth. This would be very useful for all of my naval projects, even though the basing on my 1/3000th scale WW2 French fleet and 1/600th coastal warfare collection wouldn't match up.

It would be possible, however, to match the basing on my 1/2400th scale projects going forward, including the 1864 Danish and Prussian ironclads and the 1904 Japanese and British pre-dreadnoughts. It would be great to have a single approach to basing and to have a good quality, easy to store cloth that I can deploy over and over again for my naval wargaming.

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