Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Who ate all the pies?

A bit boring but you get the idea?

I never thought I'd be typing that as a post header? Anyway, Tony at East Riding Miniatures has now manufactured a range of laser cut 30, 45 and 60 degree pie wedge shaped terrain templates to use with his existing mdf river templates. These are available with both a smooth outer curve or an irregular wavy edge, so that you can use them for rivers and also road lengths. The latter is an obvious addition to my desert terrain that I hadn't considered but now I'm thinking, why not? After all, it would be good to have a desert track for my Old West stagecoach to be ambushed on and it would be a lot less work than the river that I'm now going to finish scratch building! You can order your pies here:


  1. I don't want to do East Riding out of any sales but I saw a great terrain tip for roads. Get a piece of polystyrene (wider then the road you're making). and stick two pencils through at the width of the road you're making. Then use this double pencil to trace and bends / twists etc. in your road onto whatever material you're making them out of. The road width will be consistent along the entire length.