Wednesday, 10 May 2017

The Coal Scuttle Brigade

I had a dog eared old paperback copy of this book and read it a couple of times but have lost it somewhere in the pile of stuff up in the loft, so I was very pleased to find a digital copy for 99p the other day. It is a cracking read and full of the sort of tough action you'd expect from the East Coast convoy merchant ships and their crew, not to mention the wavy navy which dominated the trawler, frigate and destroyer escorts. It's also packed with scenario material and useful information that makes all the difference to a realistic game. A good read and definitely worth the minimal outlay, even if the original 1970's artwork on the cover had been replaced with a rather uninspiring photograph.

That's more like it!


  1. It looks interesting. My uncle served as a gunner at Jutland. In WW2 he served as a gunner again aboard armed merchantmen. I know he saw action, but sadly he never spoke about his experiences.

  2. My grandfather was also at Jutland as an artificer engineer in a light cruiser.

  3. Just bought it and enjoying the read. Thanks for referral!