Saturday, 20 May 2017

Royal Navy China Station Fleet Extras

I was having a closer look at the China Station fleet list c1900-1905 that I devised a while ago, when I realised that I'd omitted some significant warships from the line up. The most obvious of these were the protected cruisers of the Diadem Class, HMS Argonaut and HMS Andromeda, both of which were stationed in the Far East in the time frame that my list covers. I'm not sure how I missed them but I did, so I have now edited the list to make sure they are there!

Notice the pair of single gun mountings

This class of protected cruiser was unusual in having no large calibre main gun turrets but instead were armed with pairs of secondary calibre 6" guns behind shields fore and aft. It was all very controversial at the time and obviously wasn't repeated, being far less potent than even a single large calibre mounting. Anyway, I've added them to the list and have also ordered two 1/2400th scale models from Tumbling Dice to fill the gap (ABB19). I've also ordered some B class torpedo boat destroyers, which I left off the original list as well.

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