Sunday, 25 November 2018

Scenario Sketches

I reckon it's now time, almost a month after I started the Sandbox Skirmish project, to start thinking ahead to plan the actual game aspect of the thing....putting the wheels on, so to speak?
It's an 'imagi-nations' project so the options are completely open, although I have already decided to use No End in Sight as the core rules. There's an excellent scenario and campaign generation system included in the rules but I thought it would be good to devise some potential scenarios that I could focus on, if only to work out what sort of terrain I'd need to build to fit the bill. 
So far the list looks a bit like this, with all missions being set for the British platoon but with matching objectives, victory conditions etc for the rebels:
- Setting an Ambush.
- Intercepting supply lines.
- Capturing arms caches.
- Hearts and Minds.
- Escorting a supply column.
- Night patrol.
- Night raid on rebel camp.
- Rescue the downed pilot.
- Blow up the downed aircraft / damaged vehicle.
- Mine / IED clearance.
- Escort the visiting politician / journalists.
- Rescue the ex-pat oil workers / missionaries / journalists.
- Helo Air assault on rebel held village.
- Find the rebel leader.

- Get that sniper!
- Protect the civilians villagers from rebels attack.
- Set up a road block traffic search.
- Punitive raid to confiscate livestock / crops.
- Stop the rebels infiltrating across border line.
- Link up with / insert / extract Special Forces.
- Infiltrate across border to set trap / mines.
- Blow up a bridge / railway / road (not sure why but why not?)
[or as above but protect the sappers trying to repair it.]
- Capture prisoners for interrogation.
- Defend supply dump, forward base, oil refinery, radio station...
- Amphibious raid on rebel coastal strip.
- Field test the new bit of kit (Scorpion tanks!)
- Find that camel!
…and whatever else you can think of to fill in any gaps that I’ve missed.
Any ideas would be very welcome.


  1. Do you have a copy of 'The Bear Went Over The Mountain'?

    That would be useful as it's a compilation of action reports from the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan, so is chock full of scenario ideas

  2. I'll check that out. Thanks Colin :O)

  3. You seem to have most bases covered. Very thorough!

    I've been working on a small scenario based on a prisoner escort. Government forces have been hit while transporting a tribal leader from gaol to the courts. Government forces must extract the prisoner on foot, while rebels are trying to free him.

    My favourite scenario though is a simple patrol game. Government forces are on a simple patrol and have no idea what they may encounter. Rebels are given a range of options and choose one for this mission. These options can be things like:
    - IED
    - Ambush
    - Rebel arms cache... Etc.



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