Thursday, 24 November 2011

AK47 Game Report - Skirmish at S'Mosa (Part Two)

Turn 5

Following the departure of the AT guns and mortars, the Zumatans were able to bring on reinforcements in the shape of a somewhat bemused but very enthusiastic unit of naval militia, who appeared on the far right corner of the table.

The Zumatan SAS meanwhile had hidden themselves in the jungle as their transport chopper dusted off and disappeared over the horizon. The Zumatan armoured cars moved up to support the SAS with their vigilant A/T missiles ready to engage any targets of opportunity.

The Mbote technicals continued their advance up the road toward the border post. The jeeps and scout cars also advanced from the other direction in order to enfilade the advancing Zumatan naval infantry. In the subsequent fire phase, they opened up on the naval infantry and succeeded in pinning them down.

The Zumatans attempted to fire back at the advancing Mbote units but with no effect, thereby ensuring a severe knock to the morale of the militia naval ratings.

Turn 6

This was the turning point in the game as the advancing Zumatan naval infantry got severely hammered by the combined fire of the Mbote jeeps and scout cars, destroying three bases and sending the sailors packing in a headlong rout.

At the same time the Mbote militia techinicals opened up with their recoilless rifles and AAA on the hapless Zumatan SAS, who were pinned and could offer only ineffective small arms fire in return. In retaliation, the Zumatan armoured cars launched a vigilant A/T missile barrage on the technicals but only succeeded in breaking down due to yet more dodgy doubles on the D6.

Things were looking pretty shaky for the Zumatans but it would all be decided in the next turn. be continued.

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