Monday, 21 November 2011

NEWSFLASH - UN Peacekeeping CRAP troops pull out of Unyunbaji

CRAP peacekeepers on patrol

From our correspondent in Wanga Wanga

A press release from UN regional headquarters in Wanga Wanga has confirmed the withdrawal of UN peackeeping forces from the disputed border zone bewteen Mbote and Zumata. In a short statement to the international press, Major Short-Cummins, liason officer for the UN mission, acknowledged the removal of CRAP (Combined Regional African Peacekeeping) patrols from the Npungwe river area.

The Npungwe river bridge at Unyunbaji
In his statement, Major Short Cummins, clearly suggested that UN patrols of the key strategic river crossing at Unyunbaji would no longer be in place, thereby opening this arterial route to a potential Zumatan strike along the axis of Highway Seven:

'The deterioration of the security situation in the Npungwe border zone places units of CRAP at a distinct risk of military engagement. In order to ensure strict neutrality all CRAP troops will be withdrawn from the Unyunbaji forward operating base to the UN compound in Wanga Wanga, pending a full and thorough investigation of the tactical situation on the ground'  

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