Thursday, 17 November 2011

AK47 Patrol Boat [5]

I went back to add a few more details to the patrol boat this evening, having left it to concentrate on the unit bases of late. I painted up the AAA forward and aft mounts, which had been a bit of a pain to assemble, then washed them in future based gunge (hence the nasty shiny effect).

The crew figures also got a basecoat and a single overlayer in GW Regal Blue and Enchanted Blue, so that they stand out a bit from the monotone grey. I need now to paint the faces, hands and details on the figures, add some weathering and highlights then finish off with some suitable decals.

I also need to make a textured base to represent the water surface. I did this for the pirate sloop that I scratchbuilt and it added a lot to the overall look of the model, whilst making it easier to move about on the tabletop.

I have aquired a second Dinky diecast from Ebay and may have a go at converting it in the same way, perhaps with a slightly different armament fore and aft. Together, they'll represent the cutting edge of the Mbote Coastal Defence Force, with some cunningly scratchbuilt Lego based landing craft in the pipeline.


  1. Looks impressive with the AA mounted!

  2. Thanks.

    If I get round to finishing it, it'll look even better?