Wednesday, 2 November 2011

General Mpongo's Motor Pool

I've been looking for a suitably Cold War era Soviet style command vehicle for the aforementioned General Mpongo. I thought I'd see if QRF had anything useful having failed to locate the spare Peter Pig GAZ jeep. I was pleased to find that they do a rather neat little GAZ 69 staff car which is perfect for the job. I may some sort of railings so that the genralissimo can stand in the back and drive up and down to review his assembled military forces.

I've also ordered a couple of tracked AT-T artillery tractors that I have no use for but which were too cool to resist. I think I'll use them as transport vehicles for some engineers or, more likely, as tows for my anti tank guns. They're possibly the funkiest vehicles imaginable but very suitable for an Eastern Bloc ad-hoc army surplus equipped African dictatorship, so I'm sure they'll fit in very nicely. 

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