Tuesday, 29 November 2011

AK47 Winter Quarters [1]

It's stretching thr bounds of belief to label this project as an Autumn Assault, so I've re-invented it as a Winter Quarters wind down exercise. I have a few tail ends to take care of but I'm hoping that the whole thing will be done and dusted by the time I depart for France at Xmas. However, I have now given myself additional stuff to tackle in the form of three rather neat and very inexpensive 15mm landing craft for the fledgling Mbote Coastal Defence Force.

They're from Kerr and King (http://www.kerrandking.co.uk/) and at £20 for three are extremely good value for money, even allowing for the postage. I ordered them yesterday and they arrived this afternoon, so I'm ready to get them cleaned up and painted in double quick time. They have quite a bit of moulding flash but nothing that can't be sorted with a bit of cutting and filing. They'll take three or four 30 x 30mm bases, although I had to overlap them for the latter.

This will save me the hassle of scratchbuilding some landing craft out of lego and plasticard, which I quite fancied doing but just haven't got the time to do. They'll go well alongside the existing patrol boat and the swampboats, which are nearing completion and should be done by the end of the week. This will wrap up the riverine flotilla for the moment, assuming I don't tackle a second diecast PB before the holidays?

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