Friday, 18 November 2011


I'm off to Warfare tomorrow with the two sprogs, leaving the womenfolk with the car so that they can go shopping in Southampton. This means I have to entertain the boys in between a forty minute train journey there and back again. It's not too bad, as I do get to go to the show but it does mean I can't help out on the club participation game and will only have a couple of hours at the lovely Rivermead leisure centre before the boys get fed up.

Anyway, I'm hoping to pick up a few shiny things for the leadpile and, perhaps, some extra bits too. I'm after some more technical trucks for the AK47 militia together with some heavy weapons mounts, so a visit to Peter Pig, The Scene, Skytrex and QRF are on the cards. I'm also hoping to find some suitable terrain bits and bobs in 15mm for the same project, although I could easily make them myself to be honest.

I'll be looking out for interesting things on Dave Thomas' stand and at Pendraken, both of whom always get me to dust off the wallet. If there are some deals on rules, I'll be looking out for a bargain copy of SAGA, although it will have to be a good one, as I can't afford more than £20 for a single rulebook. Hopefully, there will be plenty of things to browse and choose from, as last year I didn't find anything very much to tempt me.

See you there.


  1. well, we may see each other then.


  2. Have a great time and of course spend loads!! But just don't tell the Mrs!