Friday, 11 November 2011

WW1 Aerial Albatros DVa [1]

At this time of the year my local club usually has a WW1 aerial game using the club rules, Knights of the Sky. These use 1/72nd scale aircraft models mounted on extendable hex stands made from magnetic pick up tools. It's a really neat system. The rules are quick and simple to play with plenty of opportunity for aerial derring do.

I already have about a dozen aircraft of various types for KotS but have decided to build some more for the game, having not built any kits for ages. I've set the scenario on 6th December 1917 at the end of the Battle of Cambrai which coincides with the actual date of the game. It will involve a dawn patrol by 56 Squadron SE5a's being intercepted by a flight of Jasta 41 Albatos DVa's.
I have the SE5a's but no Albatros DVa's, so I've rummaged in the kit pile and have dug out three Smer (ex-Eduard) kits. These look like really straightforward and well-engineered models, so shouldn't take too long to stick together. The scheme for Jasta 41 is overall black (or possibly very dark green) with upper and lower wing four pattern lozenge. The latter might be a bit fiddly but the overall black will keep the rest nice and simple.

I'm going to start on these this weekend, in between doing the bases on the AK47 units, so hope to get them built and ready for painting pretty soon. After that I will finally be able to get on with the Darkest Africa project. This will probably be pushed further towards the Xmas holidays and New Year as a result.

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