Saturday, 26 November 2011

Home Waters MTBs and MGB's At War

I finished reading Brian Perrit's excellent Gunboat the other day and decided afterwards to rummage in my coastal forces book collection for something in a similar vein. As a result, I'm now re-reading Home Waters MTB's and MGBs At War by  L.C.Reynolds which, aside from his autobiographical account Motor Gunboat 658, is perhaps the best of the three books he's written on the subject.

It's got me thinking once again about a participation style multi-player game for the club, using larger scale models in 1/350th scale and a set of roleplay style rules. I had a rare moment of inspiration this morning, which gave me a new idea for rules, in the form of an adapted set based on the old but rather good boardgame Battlecars.

This needs a bit more thought but I reckon it would be a definate possibility.


  1. I so need this book!

    I have loooooong held a dear aspiration to do something identical. I have a large collection of 1/1200 scale coastal forces, but I would need to upscale if I did this

  2. Battelcars! Ooh, crikey, that takes me back. My friend and I are working up a set of rules for coastal and light forces in WW2. It's a fascinating subject.