Monday, 21 November 2011

NEWFLASH - Tension rises in Npungwe border zone (Reuters)

Zumatan convoy on route via Highway Seven

From our correspondent in Npungwe
Heavily armed units of the Zumatan army have been moving into positon along the border with Mbote over the last forty eight hours. Although there has been no confirmation from the Zumatan government, in what has been interpreted as a media blackout, it is clear that an offensive by the Zumatan army is being prepared along the Npungwe River. The units involved have been unidentified but it is clear that they well equipped with both transport and weaponry, sufficient for a strike across the border into PDRM territory.

Mbote Territorial Defence Force on patrol
In repsonse, the Mbote Territoral Defence Force (MTDF) has deployed both regular troops and local militia units to defend the Npungwe border zone. These units have dug in along the southern banks of the Npungwe River and have been conducting regular patrols of key crossing points. Although tension remains at a high level, there have been no reports yet of any clashes between these troops and the Zumatan forces on the northern side of the border.

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