Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Bolt Action Game

The game at the club this evening was an envelopment scenario using the Bolt Action rules. The action took place somewhere in the Rhineland in early 1945, with my late war regular US reinforced infantry platoon attacking Mike's veteran SS dug-in defenders. It was a really good game and I'm getting a better hang of the rules, although I'm still a bit unsure of some of the more arcane mechanisms. It was a challenging scenario too and ended up in a draw, although I reckon a couple of turns would have made a US victory fairly likely, especially as one of my infantry squads was within a gnats whisker of the enemy deployment zone. Good fun!


  1. nice! It's great to see the table look so in tune with the models.

  2. Thanks for the game...I think you may have edged it given more time to work those flanks. Possibly!

  3. :O)

    Good game..very tactical!



  4. Sure thing... :)
    If you think your Yanks could do better?!