Saturday, 2 November 2013

Return to Darkest Africa Re-visited

I've been catching up on the blogs this morning and, as usual, stopped off to find out what Steve Blease is up to. There's always something worth reading about on his blog, so well worth a visit. Anyway, his latest project has helped me to make up my mind, and I've decided to finish off my generic tribal villagers army for In the Heart of Africa. 

I based most of this up over a year ago during my Summer holidays but it's been sitting in a box since then as I've been doing 'other things'. After my relative success with the Halfords camouflage brown spray and Army Painter dip approach on the Bolt Action project, I reckon I can get the tribal warriors painted up even faster, especially as they're wearing next to nothing.

I need to finish basing up a unit of bodyguard spearmen, sort out some casualty markers and scratch build some pitfall traps before the army as a whole is complete. I'd also like to base up and paint the resin round houses and huts that I bought from Grand Manner so that they have something to defend, along with some additional jungle terrain pieces that they can runaway to hide in.

However, the bulk of the army is ready to paint, so I'll be making a trip to Halfords for some more brown spray paint this afternoon. The army was originally intended to represent the Nkonde from the north of what was then Nyasaland but they'll probably be a generic tribal force that I can use as a base for all sorts of different armies, so they'll be pretty flexible and ideal as enemies for arab slavers, expeditions and rival tribes.


  1. I look forward to seeing how these turn out...what brown do you use from Halfords?

  2. It's called camouflage brown ultra matt. Very handy and not too expensive.