Monday, 18 November 2013

NEWSFLASH - Bana Soto rejects Mbote sanctions (Associated Press)

ABS troops mobilise for border defence
From our correspondent in Njuba

President Washington Deesee of the newly independent state of Bana Soto has appealled to the United Nations for support for its legitimate claims to the mineral rights to the territory within its borders with the Democratic Republic of Mbote.
In a press release, he has stated that the military dictatorship of Mbote has failed to respond to diplomatic attempts to resolve the issue and the seizing of the assets of Bana Soto by the Mboto finance minister, Dr Faht Waalet, is designed to provoke conflict in an area attempting to recover from previous wars, and in particular, the one that led to the rise to power of Colonel Banga'Boum.

Field Marshal Goto Awar has placed the Army of Bana Soto (ABS) on high alert to defend the borders of this fledging state which fears for its future in the face of the aggressive posturing of the Democratic Republic of Mbote.

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