Thursday, 21 November 2013

The Bootleggers

I won a bid on Ebay for a copy of the Steve Barber gangster era rules, The Bootleggers, the other day and they arrived in the post this morning. A quick skim through later has me thinking of all sorts of fun to be had with Copplestone gangsters and Days Gone By diecast toy cars, with only a handful of figures required for a full on gang busting campaign.

I don't have any figures in the leadpile, not counting my Back of Beyond Texan oil prospectors (above), but I do have a stash of 28mm compatible diecast cars and trucks that would be perfect for the 1920's and 1930's. The only thing that put me off this in the past was the terrain, but a fellow gamer at the club has done some amazing things with downloaded card kits, so some city architecture could be sorted out in similar fashion.

I also scratchbuilt a model still for a club show participation game a few years ago, which would be perfect for some FBI raids in the prohibition backwoods, especially as there are plenty of very nice lasercut mdf colonial-era and western shacks on the market for the hillbillies to defend. I'm quite enthusiastic about this as a mini-project, but other things are on the workbench at the moment, so it'll be a slow burner for 2014.


  1. Don't watch Boardwalk Empire if you want this to be a slow burner... :-)

  2. Looks like this will be another amazing project!

  3. ooh , i have a copy of Bootleggers too, and a small lead pile to tackle. Will be interest to see how you get on.
    As Steve says , Boardwalk Empire is great for "research"