Saturday, 13 September 2014

Narrow Seas [13]

A very busy day, with much if it spent trying to sort out a new car, but I have done the basic first stages on the MGB flotilla, with the trawlers thrown in for good measure. This involved a two stage wetbrush in Foundry Arctic Grey Shade and Arctic Grey, with the trawlers in a 50:50 mix of Arctic Grey and Vallejo Uniform Grey, not that it's particularly impressive thus far.
I'm hoping to get the next stage done tomorrow, which involves adding some camouflage patterns to the MGB's, along with picking out details like the carley floats, gun barrels, depth charges and so on. The trawlers will need a bit more attention including some judicious weathering but the aim is to get everything washed in GW Nuln Oil by this time tomorrow, ready for the fine lining.
You'll notice that there are no masts on the MGB's, HDML's or the SGB yet. This is deliberate and designed to avoid them getting all bent and wonky while I paint them up. I've also left them un-based as I'll be sorting that out once they're painted, the mdf having arrived from the ever reliable Tony at ERM this morning.
There's a very neat recipe for basing here, which I think I may well adopt for the coastal warfare project, in preference to my previous Mediterranean paint recipe as used on the 1/3000 scale WW2 French fleet. I like the slate grey tones with a hint of North Sea green blue, so will have to experiment with the shades that he uses to get the mix just right:

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