Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Valhalla Warband Builder Thingy

I had a boring meeting this afternoon, which meant that I didn't get home until later than usual so everything got shifted a couple of hours to the left, if that makes any sense? I did grab half an hour this evening in which to do a very amateurish photo shoot on the 28mm Normans, so that I could try out the Valhalla warband builder thingy on the website. Needless to say, I approached this with some trepidation but....

....it was really quite straightforward and I now have the nucleus of a half decent Norman raiding party loaded up, complete with dodgy photos, the all important game stats and some suitably silly names. I haven't printed off the record cards yet, as the printer has run out of ink, but will do so as soon as possible. I'm impressed by the very intuitive uploading system, so will have a go at adding some more foot figures tomorrow, if I can find the time?

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