Sunday, 28 September 2014

Narrow Seas [19]

Yet more work today but the trawlers are finished, along with the basing and labelling on the Vosper 70' MTB's. I'm a bit disappointed with the weathering on the trawlers but they look fine from a distance and in normal light, rather than under the camera flash. I'll have to work on the 'rusty bucket' look as I have some tatty coastal merchant ships to paint up at the end of the project.

This means the decks are cleared for action on the enemy coastal forces, starting as soon as I can get them assembled and undercoated. I was hoping to finish everything by the end of the month but it looks like the coastal warfare project will extend into October, pushing the Chain of Command Japanese a little further over the horizon.


  1. They look ACE. I think the weathering effects do look pretty nice.

  2. Good Looking Stuff
    1/600 Skytex?

    Very, very nice
    Makes me want to get my stuff out of hibernation


  3. They (and the weathering...) look superb :)

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  5. They look really nice, and the weathering is good. If you are not already try oil paints for weathering.

  6. Cheers Chaps,

    The trawler is indeed a Skytrex model but the drifter is from Tumbling Dice.

    Good tip on the oil paints..have to give it a go!

  7. Looking good. Always nice to see some CF models :D